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SMSRanger OTP BOT price 2022

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SMSRanger OTP bot was the key software, used to carry out the recent cyber incidents, including the T-Mobile hack and Fortinet data breach. Executing cyberattacks has become an easy stuff these `days, as threat actors are constantly adopting more profitable, effective and efficient tactics which works for them.

People have been asking questions like, how does otp works and how much does smsranger otp bot bypass cost, well after reading this post you will know exactly how sms otp bot software works and the otp bot price

                                                          SMSRANGER HOW DOES OTP BOTs WORKS?

As they face robust defenses to their attack vectors, cybercriminals are switching to trying out new tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). And, according to a recent report from cybercrime intelligence firm Intel 471, the latest development in cybercrime tactics and scams involves the use of robocalls,  otp bots, blood OTP, 2fa scams and other otp bots.

As per multiple reports,  cybercriminals are leveraging SMSRanger OTP bots and Telegram bots, to bypass Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in scams. Ironically, MFA is considered the most effective security strategy to prevent account takeovers.

The MFA bypassing involves using SMSRanger OTP bot, with interactive messages that deceive users, into sharing their one-time passwords (OTPs), and SMSRanger has been by far the best in delivering messages to the attackers.

SMSRanger bots have been used, by the cybercriminals into automating and controlling these bypassing processes. It is relatively as simple as organizations using Slack bots, to automate work routines and make work easy for them.

We’ve seen people provide access to services that call victims on the phone, they appear as a legitimate call from a specific bank, and they deceive victims into typing an OTP or other verification code into a mobile phone, to capture and deliver the codes to the operator

Cyber attackers  used to call their victims manually, to deceive them and collect their bank details, or service provider to gain unauthorized access to an account. However, attackers are now performing scripted calls online using SMSRanger OTP chatbots, that rely on commands given in a Telegram chat or Phone message, users often share their success while using the SMSRanger OTP bot, often walking away with thousands of dollars from victim accounts.

                            HOW SMSRANGER WORKS

SMSRanger SMS OTP bot is extremely easy to use. A simple slash command enables users, to impersonate various banks and online payment services like Bank accounts, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Crypto apps and other financial services.

Once the attacker provides the victim’s phone number, the bot automatically handles the remaining work, ultimately granting access to the victim’s account. SMSRanger OTP chatbot 2022 users, claim to have a success rate of 80% if the victim answers the call, and the attacker provides accurate information about the victim.


SMSRanger OTP bot offers options, to disguise a call as a legitimate contact from a specific bank. From there, the bot follows a script, to deceive victims into providing sensitive information such as ATM PIN, CVV, and OTP. Then, the bot would send the details to the attacker’s Telegram account, OTP app and activation key has been used to illegally access accounts, at eight different CANADA, AMERICA and other countries.

We will not be held responsible for illegal use of this SMS OTP bot, use legally.

                                                            HOW MUCH IS OTP BOT?

Smsranger OTP Bots costs, between 395 to 2800 united state dollars, depending on the subscription package you wanna go for.

30 days Subscriptions: 395USD(Unlimited calls/  OTP for 30 days)
Lifetime Subscription: 2800USD(Unlimited Calls/ OTP for life)


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    i think, this is the best otp bot i have seen so far

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