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Zoalert Software- Fake Alert App 2023

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Zoalert software is a fake alert app, which anyone can use to flash any bank account in the world, Zoalert works in PC and mobile phones.

  • With Zoalert software, you can send fake bank alerts to over 40 countries worldwide.
  • The recipients get credited in less than 30 minutes for Americans, Europeans and Asians. For Africans it takes 10 minutes.
  • Alert duration is 14 days, which means money stays in recipient accounts for 14 days before its cleared.

                                    Zoalert Token – transfer token

Without the zoalert token, your transfer cannot be successful. The Zoalert token works with your phones IP address to generate Automatic $10M which is the funds needed f or sending your alerts.

The funds remain until exhausted through spending. Each token is topped automatically with $10M “Ten million dollars” as stated earlier. that’s enough fund to use as long as you can.

Once exhausted, you need to buy new token and to start sending fake alerts again.

You cannot share your token because each token represents each Zoalert user and it’s Auto generated from zoalert token server.

                                                                   Are the funds from zoalert transferable?

Funds sent through zoalert software cannot be transfered or spent and that is what differentiate it from real money.

The funds only increases balance but attempting to send out will always fail, this money will only stay in the recipient balance for 14 days duration after which it will be cleared.

                                         Download Zoalert app

The zoalert app is available for android, pc and ios smart phones.

                                                               Why do people go for fake alert?

There are two main reasons why people do fake alerts, either to pay bills or for fun.

If you are using it for fun the you have nothing to worry about, but if you are using it to paying off your debts then you have to be very careful in doing the necessary procedures to avoid trace.

A video on how to use it without trace will be sent to you upon purchase.

                                               Great App UI

i know UI/UX in most of this essential software doesn’t matter as long as the app delivers and does it’s work perfectly.

However, it wouldn’t hurt if an app has a good UI/UX and works perfectly well, it’s an advantage. Most developers don’t care about UI/UX.

The case is different with zoalert. The developers of this app gave it one of the best UI/UX i have ever seen.

                                             Zoalert Support

I discovered about Zoalert that they are no support whatsoever, and it’s stated on the app notification.

Still, you will keep seeing a significant updates on the feels and looks of the app, which is to show you that the developer of the app is always working on making the app run smoothly as they want to remain anonymous, so far i have used the app without any issues.

The support is always available to take care of issues encountered by users. they have whatsapp button boldly displayed on the app for easy communication.


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